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Mathway is a tool that can solve all of your mathematical problems such as graphs and equations. It is composed of a free part dedicated to checking exercises and a paid part for corrections. Mathway doesn't just stay on solving your problems, it also offers you the possibility to develop them.

What are its main features?

Mathway is an application that not only solves the many problems, but also introduces the parameters that constitute them. It offers its users all the necessary steps to reach the final result. It is therefore the ideal tool for studying mathematics.

Its interface combines a chat and messaging interface with a calculator. All you have to do is enter the data of your problems and they will be displayed on the lower part of the interface. The steps of your problems and those of their design are also displayed on the lower part of the interface.

You can enter the data manually or by taking pictures of them. Mathway covers several areas such as Basic Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, Chemistry, etc.

How do I access Mathway?

Mathway is available on pc by going to its web interface. It is also accessible from mobile devices. Indeed, you can download the application on Android, iPad or iPhone (iOS). If you opt for the pc version, you can go to the following link: Apart from this Windows version, it is also interesting to download it on your smartphones or tablets to be able to solve your equations wherever you go.

Whether it is with the mobile application version or the Windows version, you will no longer have any problem finding a solution to all your mathematical problems.

You want to download Mathway on Windows 10 ? Act !

Mathway has not yet indicated if their app will be available for download on PC. Vote, contact this publisher now and let us know if he plans to develop this application !

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