Adobe Photoshop Mix

The app allows you to cut and combine elements from various images, mix layers and apply the desired looks on your Android or iOS device, all of which are compatible with Photoshop and Lightroom. It's one of the world's best imaging and design applications.

Create and share professional multilayer images

Adobe Photoshop Mix is the perfect application for those who want to create custom composite posters for artistic representations, unique composites of characters for a book report or historical artwork, or advertisements for school events. Adobe Photoshop Mix allows you to :

  • Combine multiple images/layers to imagine something truly magical;
  • Easily remove or replace any object (people and objects);
  • Selectively retouch and correct defects;
  • Quickly share with your friends or post on social networks;
  • Download images from Adobe Stock and sell your media to one of the world's largest creative communities;

Adobe Photoshop Mix also offers an assortment of down-to-earth image-editing features that most photo enthusiasts will recognize in consumer editing applications such as Aviary or Camera +. You can use Photoshop Mix to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation and clarity with convenient sliders and real-time previews. When you're done with your image or stop working, you can re-export even layered and masked images back to Photoshop on the computer or publish your work to the Behance community held by Adobe for help or feedback.

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