Music is one of the world's most popular interests. The Bandlab platform has been specially designed to bring together and facilitate exchanges between music enthusiasts. Today, the platform has more than 26 million members and all varieties of music meet there. Here's a close look at what you can do with Bandlab.

The features of Bandlab

Bandlab is an application launched by Bandlab Technologies in 2015. It is intended for use on an iOS and Android system. There is also a Windows version to download for those who are thinking of working on a PC.

Bandlab is above all a community of musicians and fans. Creating an account is free. Thanks to the application, you can share videos, images, lyrics, notes, events, etc. It is also possible to edit and customize media through ergonomic tools such as Shouts.

The functions of the application can be used free of charge and without restriction. The designers relied on tools that are accessible to everyone to make recordings and create high-quality audio arrangements. You will find easy-to-use virtual instruments with MIDI compatibility.

The platform is dedicated to accompany you in your inspirations and projects. Thanks to collaborations in the community, you will benefit from the expertise and advice of other members to improve your creation. Bandlab also allows you to invite other subscribers to collaborate on your project. Artists even have the chance to monetize their projects and later pocket 100 s earnings.

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