Collage Maker

Collage Maker is an application from Grit Inc. and is available on the Android and Apple iOS operating systems. The Collage Maker app allows the user to create scrapbooking based on a specific theme.

The features of Collage Maker

Collage Maker is a photo editing software. You can download the tool from the usual stores. It will allow you to make personalized collages while allowing various modifications among cropping. It uses a background when creating images. The library already includes different varieties. There are also blurred and animal-figure versions. You still have the possibility to select a layout or integrate texts. The finished works can be shared on social networks. The collage is made with a few manipulations. You select an image from your phone or pc. You then add frames.

The software allows you to modify the pictures with a specific filter among a hundred. You have the right to add effects or adjust certain appearances. When you see an image that lacks brightness, simply move the sliders to the right to increase the lighting. Other effects you can adjust are contrast and warmth. To bring a fun effect to the work, you can rely on stickers. More than 500 stickers are available in Collage Maker. Images can be scribbled with a variety of brushes. Unfortunately, Collage Maker does not have a Windows version. You can still use the program on a PC through an emulator.

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