XRecorder is a free application that allows you to capture the screen of your smartphone or tablet in two modes: photo for a snapshot of your screen, and video for a dynamic recording of everything you do on your device. You can make video presentations or tutorials by recording your activity.

Powerful and dynamic screen capture

To have XRecorder it is necessary to download this application. There are two XRecorder, one for smartphone and tablet under Android or iOS. Download the version that corresponds to your device and its operating system. Once XRecorder is installed, you can configure its settings such as resolution, quality and frames per second. Its use is simple: a button allows you to start, stop or pause the recording.

XRecorder is created by the editor of Inshot, which is a video editing application. You can take the video with Xrecorder and edit it with Inshot. Both are compatible and work with each other. Inshot also allows you to share your video. XRecorder's Video Editor feature allows you to crop, rotate or edit your video, and also to cut out parts of it. A Merge feature allows you to quickly merge multiple videos.

As for sound, you can record audio at the same time as the image, or you can record it separately to add it to the edit by turning sound recording on or off. If enabled, XRecorder will take the internal audio or sound picked up by the microphone of the device being used. So if you want to film a game you are playing, XRecorder will film the game with its sound.

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