Filmigo is a video editor that allows you to create film and image sequences as well as slide shows. To take full advantage of its features, you can download it to your Android or iOS phone. It is also possible to install it on your PC running Windows or Mac.

The different functions of Filmigo

This application has different options to customize your creations. Indeed, you can crop, rotate, reverse, duplicate your sequences. It also allows you to cut out the different parts you want to change. Thanks to its functions, it is possible to cut your videos into different parts. So, if you want to add other videos or photos from your gallery, you can easily insert them. It also allows you to slow down or speed up the different video sequences you have made. Filmigo allows you to insert different themes to your creations. You can also add various special effects, such as animated stickers. It also has a variety of GIFs, stickers and emoticons.

With Filmigo, you can add background music to your creation. The application has different soundtracks available. You also have various sound effects to accompany your video sequences. You have the possibility to insert other music from your repertoire, if you want to add your personal touch to your creation. If you create videos in a foreign language or make your own video clip, Filmigo allows you to insert subtitles. In addition, you can choose from a variety of fonts. So you can customize them to suit your taste. To ensure the quality of your videos, you can choose to export them in HD: either in 720p or 1080p.

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