Avenza Maps

Published by Avenza Systems Inc, Avenza Maps is seen by some as the best utility for hiking, biking and more. Packed with National Geographic maps, national parks and more, the app is easy to download and is aimed at Android and iOS users.

Avenza Maps, the perfect GPS for hiking fans

Known as a great technological alternative to expensive mapping devices, Avenza Maps is a utility that allows you to better plan your hikes. You can add custom maps, create geospatial PDFs that you can then download and share from your user account. Like other GPS applications, the tool uses the smartphone's GPS system to locate you on the map. This allows you to know your exact location at all times and better plan your route. It also allows the hiker to better understand the landscape, which is an essential part of the hiking process.

The other feature of this utility is that it supports the official maps published by the different institutions (parks, etc.). This is why it sometimes contains more detail than any other map available. The tool allows you to locate yourself without Internet or network connection wherever you are in the world. It is the perfect companion for your hikes, climbs, campsites, anywhere you need an outdoor map. Avenza Maps accompanies you even in the most remote areas.

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