Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer is a video game-like mobile application available on Android and iOS. It is a coin-operated game, proposed by the Game Circus studio. The concept is simple: drop the coins.

The concept of the game

The game's pitch takes the players to a fairground where you can find all kinds of machines to entertain and pass the time. Between the fishing games and the bumper cars are the coin-operated machines. An ideal game for the addicts of this casino machine since the game has no end. On a classic coin-operated machine, the objective is to insert coins (3 to 4) into the machine in order to drop gifts, bonuses and many others on the mat. On Coin Dozer, the principle is the same except that the player does not need to pay to play. All you have to do is drop the coins and bonuses to win. It is a "Casual Game" adapted to pass the time. It can be downloaded from Play store and App Store. Note that it is also available on Windows PC.

Some notions of Coin Dozer

To play Coin Dozer, you just have to touch the screen of your mobile anywhere to drop the coins. Depending on the level of the player, the number of coins varies from 1 to 5. To win, you have to drop the coins at the right time and in the right place. In addition to the ordinary pieces, there are special pieces that give the player an advantage in the game. Examples of special coins include the giant coin, the "coin shower", the experience coin or the "dozer dollars". Dozer dollars allow the player to buy "boosts" available in a surprise box. In addition, aids such as a wall that stands up for several seconds can be obtained.

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