Want to animate your photos or add effects to your videos? Why not use the "Lumyer" mobile application. Offered by Lumyer Inc, this application for Android allows you to add more than 200 high-resolution video effects adapted to each type of image.

Lumyer, for a full range of animated effects

More than just a mask effect, Lumyer is a tool that lets you add animated effects to your photos and videos on your smartphone. Lumyer allows you to create real masterpieces called "lumy" with your photos. The photo creations are to be exported in GIF format. It is ideal for making selfies that stand out from the crowd with an animated effect. The same goes for your videos, you can make a "Live Lumy" by applying the animated effects in real time.

Lumyer, an application with multiple options

Lumyer provides hundreds of animated effects grouped in different categories. You have a wide range of effects to choose from depending on the photographic subject and the context. Lumyer offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Changing animation effects is child's play. Your "Lumys" can be shared directly on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Whatsapp. A Facebook profile picture in Lumy (.gif) is perfect to surprise your friends.

Lumy, on smartphone and PC

Lumyer is also a software that you can use for professional purposes, especially to promote your business. Indeed, it is an excellent marketing tool to create a small advertising format. The Lumys produced will certainly attract the attention of the public. You can create your lumys from a smartphone, but also on a PC using an emulator.

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