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The Chinese language attracts a multitude of language enthusiasts. And at a time when the Chinese industry is gaining more and more ground, having some knowledge of this language is necessary. In addition to in-depth study, there are translation sites that suggest a wide range of services on the subject. Nevertheless, using an offline application is a more affordable and fast solution, downloading Pleco chineese dictionary is an ideal way to advance in the world of Chinese language.

A dictionary rich in words

The basis of any dictionary is the ability it has to offer speeches. The Pleco Chineese covers more than 130,000 Chinese words in its search engine. No cumbersome in file size, the application is fully compatible with Android and Windows. It offers a wide range of search options as well as more than 20,000 phrase templates in traditional symbols and Pyniin. Pyniin is the Latin alphabet translation of ancestral Chinese characters.

Synchronization with included document

The Pleco chineese has the faculty to agree with other documents, via sharing or clipboard. The software is entirely accessible on pc with all its functionalities.

The adapted technological intelligence

With its 17 years of expertise in software design, the company is aware of the current technological evolution. Compliant with iOS, Android and Windows systems, the Pleco Dictionary opens to all possible input windows. The application has an OCR tactic, which allows to recognize a text through a camera or audio.

An ease of handling

With a clear platform, downloading the Pleco Chineese Dictionary on pc or mobile is very beneficial. In complement, a base of recognition impossible to circumvent is integrated into the software. It is enough to draw a character on the place envisaged so that the application analyzes it and proposes its translation.

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