Pixelmator is an application that allows you to retouch and modify images. It is a graphics software developed by Pixelmator Team Ltd, which is a company created by the brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide. The application, which was released on 25 September 2007, was developed mainly for Mac OS X and is currently not available for Windows PCs. This software is an easy-to-use image editor for photographers, designers, and other professionals.

Main features of the software

By choosing this software, you can adjust the colours of your photos. Indeed, it has several types of colour adjustments that also allow you to improve the quality of your images. In addition, it has the ability to eliminate posterization artifacts. It also has a RAW layer function, which allows you to modify RAW images.

With Pixelmator, it is possible to repair any imperfections you wish to correct in your images. It has very handy and easy-to-use retouching tools. Its selection tool is also quick and easy to use. This software has several options for selecting shapes and customisation styles adapted to your creations.

Other functions available on Pixelmator

With Pixelmator you can create different layouts. Indeed, you can modify and resize your images. It's easy to rotate and move your images because it has a smart spacing guide that organizes the placement of each object used.

This application is ideal for painting a new picture using Metal 2 graphics technology. This type of function allows you to create canvases with natural and fluid colours. Thus, this software has several ranges of brushes and colours, which you can choose when creating.

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