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With myfritzapp, on the go or at home, you can securely access your FRITZ!Box without difficulties. Within a second, the application notifies you of calls, voice messages, together with other events. It is because of this that you need to download it on your iOS, tablet, android or smartphone.

Myfritzapp is compatible with iOS and Android. You can download it for free on Play Store or App Store. Upon registration, the application will adopt the most appropriate settings. Nevertheless, you need a wireless internet connection for you to register and download the application.

This application enables you to access connected storage devices and internal myfritzapp memory. This continuous access enables you to configure settings, manages its functions remotely, and view information.

Myfritzapp's major function is remotely access the FRITZ!Box. The box enables you to determine whether a message when you were out or about. It allows you to listen to a voice message left by your caller.

Devices such as FRITZ!Powerline 546E and/or FRIT!DECT 200 can be easily switched off and on when you are about and out. Using this app, myfritzapp, remotely of power has become simple. It is an application you can rely one.

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