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Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking

Lloyds Bank is a British bank founded in 1765. Since then, it has been offering services tailored to everyone's needs. To facilitate online banking, it offers a very convenient mobile application.

What is the app for?
The Lloyds bank mobile banking app is a simple way to do your banking. It gives you access to your balance, your history or the details of your transactions. You will be able to make money transfers and payments anywhere in the UK and abroad. In addition, it is easy to apply for a card or loan. In addition, you won't get stuck if you forget your access. You can reset your password in minutes or call the bank's customer service department for immediate assistance.

How do I use it?
Simply download and install the app on a phone that is not rooted and connect with a 3-character combination. It's also possible to access your account through fingerprinting if your phone has the Android 6.0, iOS 10.0 or 5th generation iPad at least. To access your personal space, you'll need:

Information about your account;
An ID and password;
From a phone number.
Once you are a Lloyds Bank customer, you are guaranteed that your personal information is secure. The latest online security technologies are used to strengthen the protection of your money.

Authorized countries
The app is available for customers residing in the UK and worldwide with the exception of North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan. It cannot be used in other countries subject to a ban on access to uk or EU technologies.

It is therefore noted that the Lloyds bank mobile banking application is really convenient. Note that there is a Lloyds bank application designed specifically for businesses.

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