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Show My Homework

Show My Homework is an online tool for displaying and defining the homework used by more than half a million parents, teachers and students each month. It is the application that offers a personalized experience by helping students stay organized and have an overview on homework.

Why use the Show My Homework app?

Show My Homework is an online homework directory with information on exercises, deadlines and attachments for students. All assignments proposed by teachers are posted online with in a section called "Show my homework". The application allows students to access the details of a 24/7 online assignment. For teachers, Show My Homework makes it easy to monitor the nature and quality of homework at your school. create time-saving reports They can send the homework application from their mailbox, saving time.

Show My Homework thus provides students and teachers with a central platform with content that is accessible from a single identifier. It provides a consistent homework approach to all students, simplifying and speeding up setup, tracking, submission and scoring.

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