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YouTube is a viewing application organized like a real community where you can create playlists, edit and post videos online. The application allows to subscribe to many channels, to share their content with your friends and watch them on any device.

YouTube is the largest searchable videos from Smartphones, tablets and computers hosting web site. The platform is a concentrate of all audiovisual content type, including: excerpts from films and television programs, music videos, trailer, movies and slide shows made by individuals. Thus, addition information or professional entertainment, there are many channels organized in cooperation within networks. YouTube is also the ability to manage a personal account where you can organize, save, and view all your videos online.

YouTube has developed rapidly. In 2006, about 65 000 new videos are uploaded every day, and 100 million clips viewed, the equivalent of three new videos every four seconds. In 2017, the platform has 1.9 billion active users per month.

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