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Deseret Bookshelf

Deseret Bookshelf is an application that lets you search, study and listen to an entire library of books. It allows you to access more than 700 audio books and conferences, to select reading modes or to configure the fonts, the font size and the line spacing.

Deseret Bookshelf, an interesting virtual library
The Deseret library is the result of the combination of a digital library and a bookstore. To use this application designed as an electronic reader for Deseret Book, you will need an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and Internet access. In the Apple app store, find Deseret Book and click the install button for the app. As soon as you download the app, you can sign in by creating an account with Deseret Book and see the free books. There is also a paid version of the app, Deseret Bookshelf PLUS, which is very prolific. Unlike other audio book services that give you a certain number of credits per month, with Deseret Bookshelf PLUS, it is not necessary to follow the books you have listened to, because you can listen to all of them for the same cost monthly if you sign up for Platinum membership.
Once you install the app, you will receive free e-books and find better reading, an improved study experience, faster searching. Users also have the option of sharing e-book passages via email, Facebook and Twitter. Recently, the Deseret Book library has been completely redesigned, making it simply the best eBook reader available today.

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