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Bankia is a banking app that lets you do banking from your smartphone wherever you are. With the app, you can send money to anyone you want from your mobile, withdraw money instantly from any Bankia BANK counter, without a card.

Bankia to make it easier to access online banking

Bankia is a banking application that also allows customers to finance their online purchases and view their balance or card transactions at any time, via their smartphone. The Bankia Wallet app also allows users to do the following:

  • Make credit payments on credit and prepayment cards;
  • Change the PIN on the Google Wallet card;
  • Balance enquiries and see details of the most recent transactions.

Bankia has added the "Payment between Friends" service to its Bankia Wallet app, which can be used to make secure payments between individuals, from one mobile phone to another, freely and in seconds.

The app is simple and secure to use. Users simply need to know the recipient's phone number or email address to complete the transaction. The user simply unlocks the screen of his smartphone and passes it on the payment terminal of the store for a few seconds to make the payment, without the need to open the application. To access the service, simply download the Bankia Wallet app from the Google Play Store and enable the service for free.

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