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Ccleaner is an application that is used for cleaning PCs. It has two main uses. First, it searches for and removes unnecessary files, freeing up space. Second, it erases private data such as your browsing history and the list of the latest open files in various programs.

Why and how to use Ccleaner?
It's no coincidence that the Ccleaner app is one of the most popular downloads in years. The application is by far the most efficient program for freeing up space on PC and Mac hard drives. It is an excellent analysis tool that keeps an eye on the operation of your computer and especially its processor, RAM, internal memory and battery. After very fast analysis, the application manages to eliminate temporary files and other logs housed in Windows or in third-party software (Avast, Avira, WinRAR, Adobe Flash Player ...). It also allows you to clear the history, cookies and cache that are accumulated in your web browser.
The use of Ccleaner is quite simple. Just select the data you want to delete, then click on the "analyze" button and examine the data that Ccleaner will delete. If desired, click the RunCleaner button to delete the selected files. Ccleaner will remember your choices for next time. You will be able to open it and click on the RunCleaner button as soon as you are ready to clean it.

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