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YouTube Music

YouTube Music is an application designed to make it easy for you to find the songs you are looking for and to discover new artists and their music tracks. With YouTube Music, YouTube is offering to offer an alternative to Spotify with many similar features.

YouTube Music to discover eclectic audio content

Until now, YouTube’s offerings have only been for viewing videos. If a certain song was only available as a video on YouTube, users had to switch between different apps and start a video. With the new YouTube Music app, it’s now possible to put listening first and deliver official music to YouTube. YouTube Music works with a variety of other apps and services. So you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. With the YouTube Music app, the platform plans to retrieve YouTube music listeners and, in addition to the usual music streaming, continue to provide them with YouTube’s unique selling point: video clips, live performances, cuts and remixes.

The application allows you to benefit from a music service completely redesigned with the official titles of your favorite artists. You will easily find the albums, singles, concerts, covers and remixes you are looking for. All YouTube Music content is made available to users for free with ad placements, but premium YouTube subscribers receive it without ads. In addition, you can also connect a standalone subscription for a fixed amount per month for ad-free access, with a first month free.

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