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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the airline’s dedicated app of the same name that allows users to better plan their travel. Use this tool to find the information you need at your fingertips on the home screen regarding your boarding, flight status and more.

Climb aboard Southwest Airlines with a full app
American Southwest Airlines is an airline based in Dallas, Texas and is the largest low-cost airline in the world in terms of passenger numbers. Thanks to its application, you will know key information such as the estimated time of arrival and the estimated price of your trips before booking. Southwest Airlines also offers the possibility of:
• Book, register, modify or cancel national and international flights;
• Check your flight status, boarding position and door information;
• Use express payment (for connected users) Express checkout (for connected users);
• Access mobile boarding cards, users of iOS devices will be able to register in Apple Wallet in particular and Android users can register in Google Pay;
• View travel and weather alerts to access useful airport information;
In addition, iOS users can check in and register their boarding pass directly on Apple Wallet from the mobile app. Android app users can check in and register their boarding pass directly in Google Pay from the app. The application is of course downloadable from the two reference platforms that are Google Play and App Store.

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