Think crossword puzzles are outdated? Codycross offers you a new way to play. It is defined as a modern and accessible game for young people. Theapplication allows its players to enrich their vocabulary while having fun.

Codycross: a game of adventure and word discovery

The game puts you in command of an alien who is stranded on Earth due to an unfortunate accident. The player discovers the planet through the eyes of this newcomer. During his journey, Codycross travels through time and space to immerse himself in the history of our planet. Through his adventure, the player discovers magnificent landscapes and deepens his general knowledge.

To play Codycross, PC players can use their keyboard to explore the hidden words and decipher the clues. To advance to the next level, all grids must be completed. After completing the grids in one level, the player can move on to a more complex level. When faced with dead ends and difficulties, the player can use bonuses and other mechanics to unlock a letter. Codycross offers its players a favorable and accessible playing condition.

Smartphone users can also explore this beautiful world. In fact, it can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. If you play on multiple devices, it is possible to sync your Windows account to continue on phone. Moreover, the player can also play offline with limited features.

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