LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus is a popular mobile application. It allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for the LG TV. This makes it easier to control your TV, view photos, play videos, and play music just by using your phone.

A very useful application

LG TV Plus is an application that allows you to use your TV set in a way that makes the most of all the possibilities. It is possible to download it on pc or smartphone in a more complete way than the classic remote control. With LG TV Plus, it's not just a question of changing TV channels, but also of controlling the various multimedia options on the TV. It is also a way to display images, videos and music from your phone on a full screen. LG TV Plus gives you access to all the advanced features of the TV, such as the information on the start page such as weather, suggestions of videos to watch and more. No more searching for the TV remote all day long. LG TV Plus turns your smartphone into an LG remote control for free.

A smart remote control

The new televisions coming on the market are increasingly intelligent. It is therefore necessary to have a remote control that keeps pace. The smartphone acts as a smart remote control with LG TV Plus. It is on Google Play and can be downloaded under windows. It's now easier to take full control of the TV by browsing channels, checking TV schedules and customising the viewing experience. The viewing experience becomes better as a result. It's time to download it for a great experience.

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