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Yu-Gi-Oh! is a card game application very famous in the Japanese culture which comes from the manga written in its name. Developed by KONAMI, this is a video game dedicated to strategy where the goal is simple, to beat your opponent by confronting him with your own cards until the opponent's life points drop to zero.

About the game

This free mobile game is available on all mobile platforms, both on Android and iOS. It can be found and downloaded on Play Store and App Store. For PC users, the game requires the use of an Android emulator on Windows to run. The game is simple to play, with easy rules and controls for beginners. Guidance on how to use the cards is also present, with help functions and other features to learn more about the techniques in Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! also has a beginner's guide, as the automatic construction of your Deck can be done by including the cards you want to use and the rest of the Deck is built in synergy with the selected cards. In addition, a "Player vs. Player" mode is available that gives you the opportunity to play against someone from another country with the same level.

Apart from online multiplayer battles, offline Duels are also possible to complete missions, and especially to be able to buy new cards in the game's store. Many monsters from the cult Yu-Gi-Oh! series can be added to build a powerful deck and become the master of Duels.

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