Music Maker Jam

Musik Maker Jam is the solution for anyone with ideas for composition. At home, no more need to have instruments and a mixing table: sounds, rhythms, melodies and songs can be mixed endlessly with a single PC software.

Search for the sounds you like

The application makes it easy to find sound and loops. Music genres are listed by theme for quick selection on a simple PC. Windows allows you to activate virtual instruments on the computer's Timeline with just a few clicks. These include wind instruments, keyboards and brass instruments, not to mention the trio of drums, bass and guitar. The synthesizers exist with digital or analog sound to relive the sound of yesteryear. With this downloadable application, it's easy to invent your own orchestra, band or simply choose the perfect orchestration for a composition. The downloadable software can be taken in hand in a few sessions.

Connect like music professionals

The Music Maker 2021 application to download ensures the recording of a melody or a song that pops in your head. You no longer need to have attended a music school to start composing and creating music. The software makes all dreams possible with a microphone, a simple MIDI keyboard and a drum pad controller.

Test the best effects on a composition

Adding an effect is done by a simple drag and drop on a sound, a loop or a musical instrument. Singing can also be modified with effects. Whether you like WahWah, Flanger or Chorus, you will be satisfied with the result obtained with simplicity thanks to your PC. Those who like to experiment with music will appreciate the 5.1 surround effects that play with echo and reverb to amplify the sound. Fans can experiment with everything from rock and pop to essential rap and hip hop. Harmony is easy to find even with EDM, dub or trap. There are different editions depending on the sophistication of your compositions with Windows.

You want to download Music Maker Jam on Windows 10 ? Good news !

JAM - just add music has already been published Music Maker Jam on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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