Etsy is a free app developed by Etsy Inc. available on Android and iOS that has over 29 million members internationally. Downloading the Etsy app allows you to sell or buy unique and creative items such as jewelry, clothing and body products.

Features of the app

Sellers with an Etsy shop have all the tools they need to help them in their business such as quick access to order processing, adding product listings, viewing shop statistics and custom tools. From anywhere, at any time, it is also possible for sellers to easily manage product listings and share important moments on social networks to facilitate sales.

Easy-to-use features also help shoppers find a variety of handmade and vintage items including notifications of the latest items, organization of favorites, access to recommendations based on individual tastes, and instant tracking updates. It's possible to bookmark items and come back to them later, receive a message as soon as the order is shipped, and talk directly to shop assistants for all the information you need.

Upcoming events and local shops are also shared with shoppers for easy access to products from Etsy sellers. Available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, Etsy ultimately makes ordering fast and secure with a wide variety of payment options.

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