Fishing Calendar

The Fishing Calendar application was designed by The AppDev Studio. The software can be used on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. However, it is not directly accessible on a PC running Windows unless you use an emulator. This emulator is to be downloaded and installed in the hard drives of your PC. You then open the emulator and open Fishing Calendar inside.

What are the features of Fishing Calendar?

The Fishing Calendar application is dedicated to fishing enthusiasts. Indeed, it gives indications about the best time to go fishing. To do this, Fishing Calendar predictions are based on the solunar. It delivers information about the times when fish will bite. But, it will also give information about the ideal day, month or week to catch fish.

The information you need to know is that before fishing, there are a few parameters to be aware of, such as the influence of the moon. During the full moon, for example, fish lay their eggs. So, the period will not be favorable, because the fish will remain discreet. You will also know that the collaboration between the sun and the moon influences the intensity of the tides. This will again have an impact on your catch. To help you define the right time, the calendar will take into account the moonrise and sunrise times.

Fishing Calendar is usable regardless of your geographical location. In addition to the sun predictions, the software offers a function to take pictures of the caught fish. You can share the captured images with your friends and family. Note that you can insert some descriptions on the photos, such as the bait used or the weight of the fish.

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