XMEye is a monitoring software using cloud technology that allows you to easily connect using the serial number of your device. The purpose of the application is to allow you to view live surveillance videos on your phone and get an idea of what's going on in your home.

Perform all your video surveillance operations with xmeye

xmeye is a free monitoring application that allows you to perform remote monitoring using multiple devices. It works with cloud technology. It allows you to easily connect through the serial number and follow live on your smartphone the viewing of surveillance cameras or recordings previously made. Xmeye is a peer-to-peer communication tool that helps users access their security cameras and DVRs. The application offers many additional features such as the ability to :

  • Connect to the cloud to make and record your videos ;
  • Perform live surveillance;
  • Take advantage of remote playback and recording functions;
  • Perform serial number and QR code scanning of your device;
  • Set up alarms in case of video loss due to unplugging or shutting down video for motion detection;
  • Take advantage of a Memory Config function to find out the capacity of the hard disk as well as the remaining space on your smartphone ; ...

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