Fake GPS

Fake GPS is an application developed by ByteRev that simulates the location of a phone all over the world with a single click. It is an effective tool to better adjust the location of its user to any place in the world. Its operation requires the execution of Android applications accompanied by Android emulators.

A perfectly useful application

Fake GPS is an app compatible on pc, Windows and mac. It plays an important role in setting the location of a phone. The authorization of fictitious positions through their development options is necessary above all. The setting in "device only" mode is useful for better operation. Deactivating the location services prevents false GPS reception. There is built-in help on the tool, if needed.

There are different ways to download this easy-to-use app. It's the ideal tool to get around the restriction of apps that force the reading of GPS location. Reading selected locations is part of its capabilities. It is perfect for testing applications that are supposed to track users' location. Its speed and practicality are second to none, as it only takes a single click to get it up and running. Its best feature is the selection of a GPS location for any place in the world.

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