Synology DS cloud

Synology DS Cloud is an application that allows you to easily synchronize files on your Synology NAS with other devices such as computers or mobile devices (with DS cloud). Install Cloud Station Server on your Synology NAS and Cloud Station Drive on your computer to automatically synchronize the files stored on your computer.

Synology DS Cloud to Browse and Manage Files

Synology DS Cloud is a file synchronization application that allows you to easily synchronize files on your Synology. With Synology DS Cloud, users can create a personal cloud service where they store all their files. Then, they can access it anywhere from their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The application is designed to integrate all the main features of Cloud Station while providing additional features such as business collaboration, web portal file management, and more. For example, the application allows you to configure in the General Settings section whether a file deleted from your PC is recovered from your NAS or deleted on your NAS when reconnecting. Since the application synchronizes all your files, any changes made to a file are automatically saved in all your devices.

DS cloud also gives you full control over the synchronization criteria: for each folder, you can configure the maximum file size and the type of files you want to synchronize. The application supports a wide variety of audio, image, video and document file types in all possible formats.

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