Skrill is an application for managing your mobile wallet. It allows users to transfer money around the world, pay online and exchange cryptocurrencies. Millions of people around the world trust this simple, secure and fast payment method.

Skrill, an online portfolio for all your transactions

With Skrill, online transactions are easy, secure, fast and cheap. The application allows you to have an online account where you can store money, receive money and send money. You will also be able to pay with your account if the merchant's payment tools are compatible with Skrill. The application is compatible with a wide variety of currencies (over 40 supported) and operates in nearly 180 countries worldwide. Skrill is often compared to PayPal even though the application is not nearly as popular and as widely used as the latter, because it should be noted that Skrill is especially suitable for people who want to transfer money from a Western country to another.

It is very easy for Skrill purse holders to make transactions. To do this, all they have to do is enter an e-mail address and pay a transfer fee of around 1.45% of the amount transferred. From the app, users can also link bank accounts and register credit cards. Available for Android and iOS, the app is currently the safest way to check your Skrill account.

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