Bully: Anniversary Edition

In 2016, the Rockstar Games studio released a game called Bully, where the player will play the character of Jimmy Hopkins. This 15-year-old student will be confronted with different situations he will have to face in the dangerous public school Bullworth Academy.

A logical sequel to mark a birthday

In 2016, Rockstar Games released Bully: Anniversary Edition to commemorate Bully's tenth anniversary. But unlike its predecessor, the developer's latest game is also playable on mobile phones. This means that you can download his application from the Google Store and the Apple store to play it on your Smartphone or iPhone. Indeed, this game is available on Windows as well as on iOS and Android.

What does this game offer?

You have to download and then install the application before playing Bully: Anniversary Edition on a PC, an iPhone or a Smartphone. The complete history of Bully is also available on this downloadable application. This includes characters, missions and mini-games. Don't forget also the additional items you have already seen in Bully: Scholarship Edition. Moreover, the graphics are really exceptional. Indeed, you are entitled to shadow, dynamic light and particle effects. Especially since the textures are in high resolution and the game is compatible with a high-definition display.

The main features of this game

It should also be pointed out that it is possible to play Bully: Anniversary Edition with a joystick on your pc running Windows. In addition, intelligent keys and touch controls will appear on your screen to help you control your character. And they disappear when you no longer need them. In addition, it's possible to save your progress in the game in the cloud through Rockstar Game Social Club. This way, you can switch from one device to another without having to start all over again from the beginning. Finally, this game allows multiplayer challenges. You will receive a notification when it's your turn to play.

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