Wear OS (Android Wear)

Do you have an Android Wear watch and a Smartphone? With the Messages Wear Os app, your Smartwatch is easily connected with your smartphone. This software allows you to quickly reply to WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook, SMS and other messaging apps, via an Android Smartwatch Wear Os watch. Follow this guide!

The main features of Messages Wear Os

You can download the software from Play Store and install it on your device. It can also be used on PC with an emulator that gives you access to all its features. You need to use a Windows 10 operating system to create a virtual interface on your computer and use it as a smartphone.

The application is quite light, as it occupies only 30.88 MB of space. It is accessible with a free license, but requires Android 4.3 to work properly. You can integrate a Google keyboard via Playstore to make it easier to write and personalize your messages with text predictions and emojis.

Your smartphone and PC can communicate with your Android watch to give you full control over your preferences: voice commands, notification settings, adding signature to each message, etc. You can reply to messages directly on the watch with a predefined text, emoji or handwritten text.

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