Skyleap is an application that provides a better browser-based gaming experience. Developed by DeNA, this web browser is compatible with a variety of devices and features many customizable modules. Simple and streamlined, Skyleap is the perfect application to play comfortably thanks to its fast operation.

Skyleap, for an enhanced web experience

Gaming enthusiasts are certainly familiar with Skyleap. It is a browser extension that helps improve your browsing experience by making it lighter and simpler. First of all, by using this extension with a functional design, browsing is done with minimum waste. Thus, it is possible to customize with the toolbar frequently used functions like back or reload. In addition, Skyleap offers a clear page transition and a simple gesture to use the functions by following the screen with the fingertips.

The more operations you increase, the faster the navigation. Using Skyleap, no disturbances can occur even when changing tabs. Simply change tabs in the height of the list. It is also possible to collectively define the functionality of this application according to the desired scene of use by the player. If you have performed an unintentional operation during your game session, Skyleap ensures a fixed display that neither enlarges nor reduces the viewing of the content. To download Skyleap, you need to go to the Google Play and Play Store platform. There is also a version for Windows PC.

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