PURE Dating App

Pure is a dating application and anonymous chat site. The tool consists of a feed with personal ads where you can find everything you need: from intriguing online conversations to random encounters.

Meet people near you

Pure is a dating service application for iOS and Android created by GetPure Inc. It is a new way to meet women for casual sex. No romance. No dating. It's all about random encounters with women.

PURE Dating App issues time-limited accounts that last up to an hour. Within this time, users can connect with other people using the phone's GPS function. Time-limited accounts in the app address security issues

Pure works much like other mobile dating services. A user posts a photo and profile that other users can see and react to, indicating that they are "interested" or "not interested" and initiating contact. In the case of Pure, the user's photo and profile are visible to people within a radius of 999.9 kilometres. Users can communicate if they have shown mutual interest.

You can register in the application using your Apple or Google account. This is a safe option because all personal information is hidden from other users and email is not required.

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