Published by ZHANG Lin, P6SPro is a video transmission solution based on P2P technology. It is easy to download, but does not offer a version for Windows PC. It is therefore only available for Android and iOS users.

P6SPro, your video streaming application

The solution supports various types of devices like IPCs, NVRs and DVRs. It is highly appreciated for its numerous features such as device management, video playback and video preview. With P6SPro, you will be able to manage the IP cameras you have installed in your home, business or office. The application allows you to organize the way you will use the cameras and you can virtually rotate any camera from the solution. You can also choose to turn off any camera you deem unnecessary. With the software, you will also be able to better manage your images.

From your terminal, you will be able to take an instant capture between two videos. The image will be stored on the application. It will then be up to you to decide whether you want to keep it or delete it from the device. It is also possible to play videos. You will be able to play all the videos that have been recorded during your absence. P6SPro stores all these videos, so you can come back and watch them in your free time. Regardless of the number of cameras you have in your home, the solution allows you to have full control over your installations. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for any user.

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