Biyee Onvifer

Biyee Onvifer is an application designed by Biyee SciTech, Inc. It allows its user to control cameras through IP technology. To use Biyee Onvifer, you can download an installer compatible with the operating system of your device whether it is Android, iOS or a windows pc

What are the features of Biyee Onvifer?

To understand how Biyee Onvifer works, you need to understand what is known as Onvif specifications. These are camera systems that allow multiple surveillance tools to work together. The other information to know is that these modern cameras can come from different manufacturer brands. The role of the Biyee Onvifer application is to monitor, control, explore and configure IP cameras even those operating under generic RTSP and MJPEG protocols. Thanks to these different features, Onvifer users can view live video streams on their mobile device or windows pc.

This monitoring can be done anytime and anywhere. To do this, they will simply have to configure the parameters of the IP cameras by entering the IP addresses, ports, usernames and passwords. You can also adjust display and video quality settings through the tool. Biyee Onvifer provides the ability to control the movement of PTZ cameras (pan/tilt/zoom). You can pan, tilt, and zoom to get the best possible view of the rooms you're watching from afar. In addition, a camera houses a motion detector that alerts you via the program when an element is detected in the area covered by its lens.

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