IP Pro

IP Pro is an application that is offered by wu peilin. It is an interesting tool that allows remote video surveillance 24 hours a day. It's the ideal app to keep up to date with what's going on at a specific location. The available functions are quite numerous, but it is enough to know how to manipulate them to be able to take advantage of others that are complementary.

Necessary for everyone

IP Pro is an easy-to-use tool for local or remote use. Simply provide as much detail as possible for each request made to get clear results. The different icons at the bottom of the screen are there to help each user in every step of the monitoring process. All those that are likely to be useful should be selected. There is sound, recording, light control, microphone, auto pilot and zoom, etc.

IP Pro is an application with a very specific interface. It allows you to see different images in real time through this tool. Among the features available are video capture and saving of recordings. Users of this tool can change all the default permissions that exist on the application. Thanks to this, they can access other functions. There are different types of log request: alarm, connection and operation. The start and end time of each operation must be confirmed before launching the monitoring request. This application is compatible with Android and iOS but not Windows PC.

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