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FOX Sports is an application for modern American sports fans. By extracting the sports theme channel for subscribers to FOX Sports. It covers Football, Soccer (MLS, EPL, Bundesliga), Rugby, College Sports (baseball, basketball, softball...), Golf, Tennis, Motorsports and Boxing.

FOX Sports: a TV channel with a sporting profile

FOX Sports is the best multi-sport application you can download from Google Play and the App Store. It is intended for owners of smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android systems, but also on pc for Windows 10 operating systems. The manual installation of APK packages opens up a whole new world of applications and is easy to install.

With it, users can access the latest news on US sporting events. FOX Sports is the knowledge and information base for every sports fan. And who wants to follow the news and daily updates on the latest and most important information.

It's an art offering, with the latest news, game highlights, live scores, custom team news and fantastic football management. It provides live coverage of many sports events, such as basketball, football, rugby, baseball, tennis, the American Collegiate Sports Conference, various games and events from BTN, B1G for your schools, etc.

As with many of these applications, you can follow your favorite teams and leagues from different sports, as well as receive notifications about upcoming games and important game events.

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