Owning a physical calendar has helped many people better organize and manage their time. Now, there are digital versions of calendars to install on your mobile device. Better yet, you can find an innovative and customizable tool like aCalendar.

A wonder to discover

It's true that every smartphone has a calendar and a diary in its basic functions. However, their options are limited. aCalendar has been specially created by TAPIR APPS GMBH to ensure a better user experience with a digital calendar. This tool does not exist for PCs with a Windows system. It is an application that anyone can download to a mobile phone and use for free. aCalendar was designed for easy synchronization and import of your data to and from platforms such as Google Calendar, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. The platform does not show any advertising.

The interface theme can be customized to give you a friendly and intuitive look. Depending on the chosen setting, data transfer can be automatic and/or filtered. This is the case for birthdays and social network events. Of course, customization options allow you to sort the news so that only those that interest you are processed. Through customization, the information is accurate and complete in your digital agenda. You can easily switch from a daily to a monthly or weekly interface. aCalendar makes it easy to organize your appointments. Alerts can be programmed for recurring or unusual events.

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