FGTeeV Goozy

FGTeeV Goozy is an action-adventure game that has gone viral for the famous family of YouTubers FGTeeV. In this game, you enter a charming mansion and try to defeat the slimy monsters wreaking havoc inside. Gather all your courage and search each room for clues that lead to thestrange being.

How to play FGTeeV Goozy?

The app for this new game FGTeeV Goozy is available for Android on the Google Play Store and for Apple smartphones on App Store. To play on Windows PC or Apple you can download the game on the Steam platform. You'll quickly get hooked on the game thanks to its addictive and intriguing gameplay. Moving around the mansion armed with a futuristic gun, your mission is to fearlessly explore the mansion and save the family from the purple slime. With its colorful 3D graphics is perfect for use on smartphone. Once launched into this intriguing investigation, you will encounter many monsters of all kinds.

To be ready to face the monsters, make sure to collect all the useful items you find while exploring the mansion. FGTeeV Goozy has graphics and controls that are perfectly suited for touch screen devices. The game is also easy to use for players of all ages. This famous family of YouTubers is in trouble, your mission as a ghost hunter will be to help them. Will you be able to stop the spread of the purple goo?

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