Bowmasters is a game released in 2016 that allows you to aim and shoot at targets online and turn-based. With its accessible gameplay and colorful, playful style, it is one of the biggest hits from international mobile game publisher Playgendary.

Test your skills against real opponents

Bowmasters is a 2D shooting and action-based game app that is played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Tvos platforms. The goal of the game is to target your opponent by hitting them in the body until their health suffers. To do this, you need 3 successful arrow shots on the target in order to hit him seriously. The player must therefore make sure to be on the right angle and shoot with the necessary force to hit their enemy from a distance.

To start the game, Bowmasters users must choose an avatar from among the colourful characters created for the occasion. When using the free account, they are randomly assigned a character from a selection of over 60 avatars, including Robinhood, clowns, Thor, Walter White and a shark. In addition, users can select their favorite weapon, most of which are variations of bows and arrows. In the game, you will not only play to achieve specific goals, you will also have to participate in duels to see who is the best at shooting birds or fruit. Several rewards are available to you to honor your skill in shooting sessions.

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