NinjaFT (NFT Creator)

Ninja FT is a downloadable app for iOS and Android that allows you to buy, sell or trade items or characters to use in the Ninjaverse.

Play NFT Ninja and earn money

With this application, not only do you have fun battling in Ninja mode, but you can also earn money. By buying items, equipment or/and characters in the game, you can resell them earning profits according to other players' interest in the things in your possession.NFT Creator - NinjaFT is designed for beginners in NFT. You can start with a collection of NFT packs and you get 3 NFT. By buying a rare pack of unique NFT playable in the Ninjaverse, you can resell them for more money. Ninja battles are live.

An NFT (non-fungible token) gives a unique character to a computer file. It certifies the originality of a digital work. The essential information of the file (in this case the objects or characters of NFT Creator - NinjaFT) is recorded in a certificate that assures you of ownership. Each time the owner changes, an update is made via the Blockchain.

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