iVMS-4500 for PC is a Web application tool for live video monitoring and allows you to control remote Web cameras. It is a powerful software that is particularly suited to maintaining security and maintaining an effective monitoring system.

Install IVMS-4500 for better control of your network

IVMS-4500 is a software that is useful for remote monitoring via digital video recording (DVR), Network Camera, network speed dome and encoder via wireless network. The software allows you to read the files recorded on its interface, to store locally, to manage photos and videos; It also offers control alarm notifications and allows you to perform PTZ navigation controls. By installing this software on your phone, you can connect to the device via Wi-Fi or via a 3 G connection.

Running December 2018, the IVMS-4500 application underwent a profound update and modification. The new version supports local recording in Live view and remote playback mode. It multiplies alarms notifications and information management options and allows you to add up to 256 devices on the navigation system. In addition, the application is now available in a dozen additional languages.

You can download free IVMS-4500 on PC and Mac on several dedicated sites. The application is compatible with most of the OS, including all versions of Windows.

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HIKVISION HQ has already been published iVMS-4500 on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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