Empires and Allies

Published by Zynga, Empires and Allies is a popular military combat strategy game. Featuring a cartoon-like presentation, the application challenges players to defend their humble island nation and help their allies.

Empires and Allies, let your strategic mind do the talking

Easy to download on mobile, this war strategy game encourages players to create a large circle of friends to defend their stronghold against attacks. Players start by clearing the terrain of destroyed buildings before getting to work building their own. They can create homes for refugees and workers, as well as farms, oil rigs and mines to gather the materials and resources they need. He must also build the means to defend his territory, including shipyards, hangars, and barracks to build war machines.

The game keeps things relatively simple. While all of the elements in Empires and Allies naturally become a bit more complex as you progress and unlock new items, your headquarters is essentially surrounded by guard towers to watch over your enemy. You can also amass money through battles and time to upgrade everything. The game didn't take any risks that would detract from the player experience. The battles themselves are just as careful and require minimal strategy to come out on top.

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