HomeSafe View

HomeSafe View is a mobile application dedicated to home surveillance. It allows its users to have a broad overview of the different corners of the house without scrolling through the images. Let's take a closer look at the features of this practical software.

Features of HomeSafe View

HomeSafe View is one of the most popular home surveillance software products on the market. It allows its users to have a direct view of the premises via DVR Swann on their smartphone. The application differs from others by supporting up to 16 cameras simultaneously and without bugs. The videos and still images are automatically stored in the library folder of the phone's memory. This allows you to view them offline at any time. Control of viewing and angles can be done remotely.

Downloading the pc version is recommended to take advantage of the software's features without limits. In addition to its large screen, the computer has a larger hard disk capacity. All the Android tools are available on Windows. Fans will be able to use the utility right away without taming it again. Downloading the windows version is almost similar to the mobile applications. Just browse the classic download sites and click on the "download" tab. This software, developed by the American startup Swann Communications, is free.

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