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If there is the font, there should also be the application for the applications. This is the case of Home Assistant, a program designed to manage all the software associated with the connected devices in a home, whether via a PC or mobile phone.

Home Assistant, managing multiple devices in a single platform

Against a backdrop of increasing numbers of smart devices to be installed in a home, the developers of Home Assistant have set up an open source platform to better govern your home. Indeed, this application developed in Python and launched in 2013 is to be downloaded and installed by a person wanting to control his connected devices without jeopardizing his personal data.

With Home Assistant, it is possible to keep a grip on your air conditioning and/or heating system, your alarm system, your Philips Hue bulbs and even your connected speakers. Currently, there are about 1,700 devices that the Home Assistant community associates with "integration" activities that are compatible with this software. That said, device grouping and consistency is becoming a priority for Home Assistant developers.

Apart from being installed on windows or Android/iPhone phone, this device can also integrate a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, a virtualized environment on Virtualbox or any system with the help of Docker. All in all, Home Assistant is a complete tool that is regularly updated for accessibility by the masses.

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