AliExpress is the official application of the online retail platform owned by the Chinese company Alibaba. Rapidly gaining popularity in Europe, the online service and app allow you to place and sell items as simply as possible.

AliExpress, a familiar and intuitive app for selling and buying

AliExpress is a huge market with a wide selection of products. On the AliExpress platform, you will find products ranging from women's clothing and jewelry to electronics and home decor. The official AliExpress smartphone apps on iOS and Android simply let you shop on AliExpress and manage your account on your mobile device.

The app makes it easy to find products to sell in your store. To use the app, add the products you want to sell in your store, set a price with an increase if necessary. Whenever you receive an order, you pay for this product at the wholesale price and the AliExpress seller ships the orders directly to your customer. A community section, which acts as a blog and allows users to post photos and videos of their purchases alongside reviews and advice, is also a nice addition. There is also a “Trend Talk” section where the live product presentations are made by the sellers.

Once downloaded from the iOS or Android app store, users will be presented with a similar home page, showing different options for shopping.

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