The need to archive, record and track is becoming a priority with the use of smartphones. Applications such as Zcloud exist to satisfy such requests. While many individuals are already taking advantage of its many features, most are still in the discovery stage. Here are the essentials to know about this tool.

What to expect with Zcloud?

Zcloud is an application designed by Zyxel Networks Corp, a company that specializes in developing entertainment platforms. This explains the intuitive and interactive description of the tool. Zcloud is best known for its ability to record calls and screens on a scheduled or user-requested basis. The application also allows for the archiving of voice and text conversations, images, tables, etc. Its Cloud and SaaS function offers you easy access and secure storage on the web. Thanks to the audit and report functions, you can mark and trace every action on your device. You can download the saved files at any time.

Zcloud is only available for iOS and Android. A version for pc and windows system does not exist yet. The provider offers a free trial after which use is charged. Like an event, Zcloud can trigger scheduled actions. This is a kind of alarm that automatically executes instructions that you have inserted. It is also important to note that the tool allows the transfer of files between several users.

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