Iflix a mobile application for watching HD movies, TV series, sports for all local and international content with world-class content. It is considered the alternative to Netflix in the markets where it mainly operates.

Accessing diversified audiovisual content through iflix

Iflix is an application that allows you to enjoy thousands of films and TV programs ranging from the most popular to the most modest productions. It is a tool for android that allows you to entertain yourself according to your tastes with available content that may vary depending on your geographical location.

Iflix serves as a digital hosting and distribution platform for Western, Asian and Middle Eastern television programs and movies obtained through partnerships with more than 150 studios and content distributors worldwide. Concretely, the application allows you to take advantage of :

  • A huge library of some of the most award-winning and critically acclaimed television programs and films;
  • Excellent viewing quality on any device;
  • The ability to download and watch your movies and series offline without annoying commercials;
  • The ability to constantly access new content with specially designed playlists;
  • Exclusive content from Asia, the Middle East and Africa;
  • No contracts.

The application is free for the first month. Thereafter, users are required to pay if they wish to continue to enjoy the entire catalogue without restrictions.

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