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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a complete word processor for Windows, Mac, Android and even iOS. It's a smart technology that verifies spelling and grammar and even suggests stylistic improvements to perfect your texts.

Microsoft Word is one of the oldest digital tools for intuitively manipulating documents. Microsoft Word scans the sheet of paper, allows you to edit its content, and anyone can use it cleanly and efficiently while saving time.
Once you have a blank document in front of you, you can start typing. The text you entered appears on the screen. The application automatically continues on a new line at the end of the line. You can create a space between words by pressing the wide Bar at the bottom of your keyboard. If you're creating paragraphs and want to start on a new line, press the Entry button. You can delete large parts of text at once by first selecting the text and then pressing the Suppr button. You can deselect (cancel) the selection by clicking anywhere in the text.
Your cursor also moves through text and allows you to tap into the many features of Microsoft Word that include set up, text and graphics, layout, direct mail, text revisions and display. Other text insertion and correction software can also be added to Word's home bar.

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Microsoft Corporation has already been published Microsoft Word on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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